Hand-crafted shoes since 1970

Hand-crafted shoes since 1970.
Established in the early ‘70s as a family owned workshop, Calzaturificio Lotti has gone through all the stages that has characterized the growth of Trani footwear district, up to becoming one of the leading companies.


By combining handcrafted skill and continuos investments in the most innovative technologies, our collections are the result of a continuos exhange between the company functions and point out the following key strength:
1) Continuos research of exclusive raw materials and new lasts;
2) Capability of being always in line with the trends of “made in Italy”;
3) Great flexibility and capability of introducing newer and newer items during the season;

Arrived to the third generation, other than stabilizing the national commercial network (widespread all over the territory), the management has decisively undertaken the process of internationalization, aiming at affirming their brands in the main world markets.